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Next Generation “hybrid” estate agent.

Case study Two

Architect landlord clients, sought our advice about the local area, best properties to purchase, their remit was for renting to families (target one) . We discussed best option on finance, arranged tax relief advice/ best method on taxation. Arranged the release of cash funds from properties owned in London, sourced various properties, one that stood out needed refurbishment, giving them scope for increasing scope of capital growth (target two). Agreed purchase price of £280,000. Smooth transaction, vendors happy. Discussed different layout option as property was older style, offered advice on general requirements of today’s current tenant population.  arranged and recommend our various contractors, visited design stores with our client for fitting of kitchen bathroom and flooring. Sought preferred rate discount. Co-ordinated the works along with landlord and contractor, advertised property accordingly for type of tenants the landlord would develop a long relationship. Advertised property and arranged for new tenants to move in within one week of the final snagging list to tenants moving in. property now valued at £350,000. Owners have remortgaged, done the exact same on a similar property less than half a mile away. Current we are sourcing a third property…. Watch this space.